Do I need a lawyer for my divorce?

No. However, you also don’t need a neurosurgeon for brain surgery, but it probably won’t go so well without one. In all seriousness, you could probably process your own simple divorce (a divorce without property or support issues) using one of those on-line, do-it-yourself divorce kits. However, it’s probably not worth the time and aggravation to save a hundred few dollars. It is like installing a new water heater in your house – you can do it to save a few bucks, but it’s much better to let the pros do it.

If you have any other issues associated with your divorce, such as marital property that needs to be divided, support/alimony issues, jointly titled assets, etc., you should not try to handle your divorce yourself. You will most likely forfeit rights and create more problems that will be more expensive to unravel in the long run.

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