How should I deal with my spouse during the divorce process?

Divorce brings out the worst in people. As a result, dealing with your spouse during a divorce can be quite difficult. However, here are a few tips that have served our clients well:

(1) Be polite, as antagonism and anger will get you nowhere; (2) Be skeptical, as your spouse will likely try to deceive you; (3) Don’t let your spouse know how much you know; (4) Walk away from argument or conflict; (5) Expect your spouse to resent you attorney and attempt to undermine his or her influence; (6) Don’t sign anything without your lawyer’s knowledge and advice; (7) When in doubt, believe your lawyer and not your spouse; (8) Don’t put in writing anything you wouldn’t want as “Exhibit A” in a hearing; (9) Use your lawyer as a buffer between you and your spouse – learn to stay “have your lawyer talk to mine”; (10) Don’t gloat about legal victories, as losers look to get even; (11) Do not leave your legal papers and correspondence from your attorney anywhere your spouse can access them.

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