What should I do to prepare for divorce?

Here are a few of the steps you should take without delay if you are going to file for divorce, or if you are served a Divorce Complaint:

(1) Cancel all joint credit accounts, including home equity lines of credit; (2) Close joint bank and investment accounts; (3) Arrange for payment of bills that were being automatically paid out of any joint bank accounts; (4) Change your direct deposit of your paycheck if being deposited into a joint account; (5) Secure sentimental and/or valuable personal property; (6) Secure all important financial documentation; (7) Change your mailing address and/or obtain a post office box; (8) Change your passwords on all accounts (electronic banking, e-mail, phone, computer, etc.); (9) Forget what your friends, relatives, neighbors, and coworkers have told you about divorce; (10) Consult with a divorce attorney; (11) Let your spouse and children know what is going on.

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