An Appeals Lawyer Can Help You Appeal Divorce or Family Law Rulings

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your case, or think that the judge in your case made a material legal or factual error, an appeal via an appeals lawyer to a higher court may be your only option to have the mistake corrected. A legal appeal is a formal request for a higher court to reconsider part or all of a case that has already been decided by a trial judge — basically a request that a new court reconsider the decision of the first court.

Cooley & Handy are experienced in all aspects of Bucks County and Montgomery County appeals law and appellate law, so we can maximize the chances that your appeal will be successful. The appellate lawyers at Cooley & Handy can handle any appeal – even if they were not involved in the original or underlying case. In fact, new appellate counsel can often bring a fresh perspective to a case, or identify issues that may have been overlooked.

Because the time in which a litigant may file an appeal within family court is short – most often within 30 days of the decision with which the person disagrees – it is important to act promptly to retain an experienced appellate attorney.

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