Calculating Child Support in Pennsylvania

Separation or divorce can put a parent under enormous financial stress. Every parent wants to ensure that they can adequately support their children and provide for their future. That is why the experienced legal representation that the divorce and child support attorneys at Cooley & Handy can provide in child support law matters is crucial. Cooley & Handy are experts in helping parents with their family & child support law cases in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadephia County, PA.

PA child support laws are complex, and the particular facts of any individual case may significantly affect the amount of child support due. Under PA divorce law, the amount of child support that the court may award a parent or custodian of a child depends on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the parties’ respective incomes, the number of children involved, the custodial situation, other support obligations of the payor-parent, and other expenses related to the child's care, such as health care costs, child care expenses and private school tuition. Therefore, it is advisable for both the plaintiff and the defendant in a support matter to retain counsel to represent them throughout the process.

Because the child support lawyers at Cooley & Handy are intimately familiar with child support law, their legal representation can help you obtain the best support order for your particular situation. Initially, by examining the facts of your case, our experienced attorneys will determine whether or not you may be entitled to receive or be required to pay support, and the amount of such support. At both the conference level and at trial, our attorneys will help ensure that all relevant facts of your case are presented and that the conference officer or judge properly applies the law to the facts of your case. Even small errors in the calculation of support can have a large impact over time. For example, an error of just $100 per month can result in the overpayment or underpayment of support by over $21,000 over the life of a support order, and support calculations can often vary by several hundred dollars or more per month.

The child support lawyers at Cooley & Handy are experienced in handling support matters. Once retained, they will advocate on your behalf throughout the process.

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