Smart Decisions Start With Knowledge

Family law is complicated. While no amount of research can replace a personalized consultation from an experienced family law attorney, getting informed is one of the best ways to prepare for your divorce, custody, support or other family law matter.To get you started, we’ve put together articles we think will help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully move forward.So, start your learning now.


How Child Support is Calculated in Pennsylvania

Child support in Pennsylvania is calculated by a mathematical formula set forth in law. There are, however, many nuisances to the formula. The court may also deviate from the fo... Read more


How Alimony and Spousal Support is Calculated in Pennsylvania

How Alimony Is Calculated in Pennsylvania: Updated for 2019

In Pennsylvania, there are three types of “Alimony”: Spousal Support, Alimony Pendente Lite, and Alimony. Spousa... Read more


How to Get Your Life Back After Divorce: Consider Hiring a Life Coach

Guest Blog By Julie Ketover, Divorce and Life Coach Divorce is a major transition in your life. For some, the transition is welcome. For others, it’s thrust upon you. Either way, you are entering new territory and chances are you’re feeling confused and without a clear path forward. That’s where a life coach can help.