Smart Decisions Start With Knowledge

Family law is complicated. While no amount of research can replace a personalized consultation from an experienced family law attorney, getting informed is one of the best ways to prepare for your divorce, custody, support or other family law matter.To get you started, we’ve put together articles we think will help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully move forward.So, start your learning now.


Does The Court Take Into Consideration A Child’s Preferences In A Custody Dispute

The judge in a custody case will take almost always take into consideration a child’s preferences regarding the child’s living arrangements and the physical custody schedule. How much weight ... Read more


Is Marriage Becoming A Luxury Item?

"A corvette. A home in the Hamptons. A Hermes handbag. Oh, and marriage. Because marriage, too, is fast becoming a luxury good,” writes Nancy Cook at The Growing financial and ... Read more


Breaking Bad- Dealing with Relationship Withdrawal

Just like beginning of a relationship can produce an emotional high, the end of a relationship can be an emotional crash, especially where the decision to end the relationship was not your own. Relationship withdrawal can involve depression, isolation, feelings of worthlessness, and shaken confidence. People going though it will often think that they will never find love or happiness again. … Read more


Six Surprising Reasons People Divorce – And How To Avoid Them

The three reasons most frequently cited for divorce are infidelity, financial problems and marrying too young. However, during my years as a family law attorney, I found that there are several other reasons why marriages fail that couples can avoid. If one of these issues is affecting you or your marriage, be proactive and take steps to fix the problem as soon as possible. Once divorce is und… Read more


How To Repair Your Finances After Divorce

Think dating again is hard after being “off the market” for a significant amount of time? It’s nothing compared to trying to restart your career after years as a stay-at-home parent. And that is just one of the difficult financial challenges that individuals face post-divorce. Divorce not only wreaks havoc on you physically and emotionally, it can also wreak havoc on you financially.… Read more


The Top 12 Misconceptions About Divorce

Divorce Demystified: Rumors, Myths and Misconceptions

Most potential clients who consult with our firm have common fears and concerns about getting divorced.  Most of those fears arise out of the myths of divorce that are reinforced on television and in the movies.  This article is meant to dispel some of the most common myths under Pennsylvania divorce law.

1. Won… Read more


Where Do You Modify An Alimony Order When Neither Party Lives In The State That Entered The Order?

Just when you thought you were out, they keep pulling you back in! A client recently asked us for assistance modifying his New Jersey alimony order. He and his spouse divorced in New Jersey and the court issued an alimony order. Post-separation, both parties moved to Pennsylvania. A change in circumstances prompted the client to seek modification of the existing order. Unfortunately, the l… Read more


Separate Finances? Guess Again.

A few of the attorneys from our office were out to lunch the other day when our conversations turned to the different types of relationships we see come through our office. The one that we ended up talking about the most is what I like to refer to as the “roommate marriage.” In this type of marriage the couple maintains separate finances as if they were roommates – they keep separate ba… Read more


Cooley & Handy Awards GenZ Future of Marriage Scholarship to Central Bucks East Graduate

COOLEY & HANDY AWARDS “GenZ FUTURE OF MARRIAGE” SCHOLARSHIP TO CENTRAL BUCKS EAST GRADUATE SUZANNE E. FORBES. DOYLESTOWN, PA – Cooley & Handy Attorneys at Law, a premier Bucks County law firm specializing in divorcee and family law, awarded its 2016 “GenZ Future of Marriage” Scholarship to Suzanne E. Forbes of Jamison, PA. Ms. Forbes graduated from Central… Read more


How is Marital Property Divided in Pennsylvania?

One of the most common questions that people going through a divorce ask is, “how is marital property divided in Pennsylvania in divorce?” Marital property is divided in divorce in Pennsylvania through a process called "equitable distribution." Unlike in community property states such as California, where marital property is divide equally (i.e. 50% - 50%), in Pennsylvania marit… Read more