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Family law is complicated. While no amount of research can replace a personalized consultation from an experienced family law attorney, getting informed is one of the best ways to prepare for your divorce, custody, support or other family law matter.

To get you started, we’ve put together articles we think will help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully move forward.

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Is the “Best Interest of the Children” Standard No Standard at All?

In Pennsylvania, as in most states, child custody battles are something of a crapshoot. Theoretically, courts are supposed to enter custody orders that are in “the best interest” of children ... Read more


Every Town Has Its Amityville Horror

If you found out that someone was murdered in a home you were interested in buying, would you still be interested in buying it? What if the home were used as a crystal meth lab? What if satanic r... Read more


When Not To Listen To Your Friends

Most people get their impressions of divorce from Hollywood and their friends, which are probably the two worst sources of information for those pursuing litigation in real time and in the real world. The actress Ellen Barkin reputedly received $20 million in her divorce from investor Ronald Perelman. Your neighbor's cousin may have gotten three homes and the family dog in his divorce. Your c… Read more


Can You Ever Leave A Child Alone In The Car?

If you are a parent with young children, I’m sure you have thought at least once about leaving your kids in the car while you ran a quick errand into the dry cleaner or convenience store.  Let’s face it, getting young kids in and out of the car can turn a 3 minute stop into a 30 minute ordeal.  On the other hand, you probably haven’t considered locking your kids in the car for an hour… Read more


You May Be Able To Withdraw Money From A Qualified Retirement Account Penalty-Free In Connection With Your Divorce

Spouses involved in divorces frequently have an immediate need for cash at the time their divorce is finalized, to pay bills, make a down payment on a home or secure an apartment, or for other reasons, but lack any significant non-retirement assets from which they can obtain such funds. Often, the only significant assets of parties at the conclusion of a divorce are funds in employer-sponsore… Read more


Who is Responsible for Maintaining Health Insurance Coverage in Divorce and Child Support Cases in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law provides rules that govern which party is responsible for maintaining heath insurance coverage in divorces and in child support matters. The law also provides the court with guidance regarding how to allocate the cost of such insurance between the parties. Who is Responsible for Provides Health Insurance Coverage? In child support cases, where family health insur… Read more


Cooley & Handy Sponsors TALK’s 5K Trail Run and 1 Mile Family Walk

Cooley & Handy is proud to sponsor TALK Institute and School’s 5K Trail Run and 1 Mile Family Walk. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 21, 2013, at 10:00 A.M. at the Garrett Williamson Foundation in Newtown Square, PA. The benefits will go towards increasing scholarship resources and its intensive programming. TALK’s mission is to seek out and create innovativ… Read more


Flirting on Facebook Can Lead To Divorce

Accepting the Facebook friend request from her old high school boyfriend seemed harmless enough to Monica, even though she felt a twinge of excitement at the time. At first, he would “like” pictures that she uploaded or comment on posts that she made. Then they started to message each other. Soon they were e-mailing, texting and talking on the phone every day. “Before I knew it, I was i… Read more


Your iPhone Addiction Is Ruining Your Relationship With Your Children

A few months ago I was at a playground with my daughter. Another father was sitting on a bench a few feet away and his son, who looked about three years old, was playing nearby. As I was watching my daughter, I couldn’t help but notice that the boy was very excited about something he was doing and was looking over to his father for acknowledgement and approval. The father, however, had no i… Read more


How To Keep The Peace During The Holidays If You’re Divorced

For adults, the holidays are an opportunity to try to recapture some of the magic and wonder of their childhoods. Children, however, are just forming their memories and feelings about the holidays. Imagine that if, instead of associating the holidays with joy, you associated them with stress and fights. That is the reality for many children of divorced or separated parents, although it doesn… Read more