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Family law is complicated. While no amount of research can replace a personalized consultation from an experienced family law attorney, getting informed is one of the best ways to prepare for your divorce, custody, support or other family law matter.

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Dismissal of Abuse of Process Lawsuit Arising out of Pennsylvania Custody Litigation Affirmed

Cooley & Handy won an appeal today that followed the dismissal of a frivolous “abuse of process” lawsuit filed against one of Cooley & Handy’s clients, a mother, by her ex-husband a... Read more


Cooley & Handy Obtains Substantial Settlement in Lock Haven University Assault Case

Cooley & Handy recently obtained a substantial cash settlement in a personal injury case for a 21 year-old Lock Haven University student who was severely injured after he was assaulted while ... Read more


Alimony Pendente Lite Can Help You Afford a Divorce in Pennsylvania

Whether you are unemployed, under employed or are simply the lower-earning spouse in a marriage, the cost of getting divorced in Pennsylvania is an important concern faced by those who are seeking a divorce. Our attorneys often encounter clients who sacrificed their careers for the sake of the union, either by opting to work part-time or to stay at home to care for children. Such a decision… Read more


Fault Divorce in PA: What You Need To Know

In the past to obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania one spouse had to prove "fault" by the other spouse. That, however, is no longer the case in Pennsylvania. Now a Pennsylvania divorce may be obtained without a party having to prove that the other party is somehow legally at "fault." The Pennsylvania fault divorce, however, still survives as a legal option and in certain circumstances, where gro… Read more


“But I need my car for work…” — DUI License Suspensions in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties and the Availability of Occupational Limited Licenses

First time DUI offenders often wonder if their driver’s license will be suspended and, if so, how they will manage to get to work. Because people are so dependent on their vehicles, this is a major concern for those faced with DUI charges. In fact, many of our clients are actually more concerned about their potential driver’s license suspensions than going to jail. If you find yourself fa… Read more


Bucks County Courier Times Editorial Supports Cooley & Handy’s Appeal of Custody Contempt Order Imposing Sanctions on Father for Profanity Use

Thumbs Down

To the Bucks County judge who fined a divorced dad $2,000 for cursing in front of his 9-year-old son.  That’s not to condone the practice.  It is both shameful and reprehensible for any adult to use foul language in front of any child.  But there is such a thing as free speech.  And, like it or not, the Supreme Court has ruled that “courts and legislatures cannot… Read more


Cooley & Handy Challenges Sanctions in Custody Contempt Case Based on First and Fourteenth Amendments to U.S. Constitution

The Bucks County Law Firm of Cooley & Handy Challenges Order Sanctioning Father $2,000.00 for Cursing in Front of His Ex-Wife and Daughter on First Amendment Grounds

Father Claims that Bucks County Judge’s Order Prohibiting Him From Using “Inappropriate” Language Constitutes an Illegal and Unenforceable Prior Restraint on Free Speech. A father in a custody dispute is ch… Read more


Cooley & Handy Attorney Establishes that Biological Father may Challenge Putative Father’s Acknowledgment of Paternity on the Basis of Fraud

October 24, 2008 - In a precedential ruling, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania held that a biological father has the statutory right to challenge an acknowledgment of paternity on the basis of fraud, duress or material mistake of fact. Cooley & Handy attorney Susanne M. Wherry, with co-counsel, successfully argued that silence, when good faith requires disclosure, can rise to the leve… Read more


Avoiding Contempt When a Child Refuses to Visit with a Parent

A difficult issue faced by both custodial parents and their attorneys occurs when a minor child refuses to visit with the other parent as a result of alienation, anger, and sometimes fear. The situation becomes increasingly problematic as the child approaches the age of majority (18 years old). In some cases, the child’s mental heath is at-issue due to familial turmoil or stress related to … Read more


Child Custody Relocation in PA: What You Need To Know

The State of Pennsylvania has amended the law affecting relocations in child custody cases. Parents who are in the midst of a divorce should take time to read the new custody law changes. Any parent involved in a Pennsylvania (PA) custody case or who has a child that is the subject of a Pennsylvania child custody order and is thinking about moving or relocating should be aware that the PA law… Read more